We Give

The world is constantly evolving, with digitalization making its way into every aspect of life. Intellity is a leading company in the digitalization realm, wholeheartedly embracing this transformation. However, we are also acutely aware of our social responsibility, particularly towards those who, for various reasons, cannot fully participate in this transformation.

Support and Recognition for Social Professions and Volunteer Services

We want to make it known that they are not forgotten or left behind. The work of social professions and volunteer services is an incredible achievement, one that we not only acknowledge but support and honor with an annual donation. Because on this front, digitalization cannot provide what each of us needs from time to time.

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Human Kindness, Closeness, Attention, and a Hearty Dose of Gratitude

For every Intellity employee, the annual donation is a matter of the heart. Some of us have a very personal connection to various associations, support initiatives, volunteer services, and all kinds of foundations because, without the often voluntary work of these organizations, none of us could do our jobs as well as we do. Knowing that there are people who selflessly care for those who cannot do it themselves gives us the opportunity to do what we do best: advance in technological progress.

Helping Together: Share Your Donation Proposal and provide direct support

If you have a donation proposal, please submit it to us with a brief and concrete description of the recipient. This way, we can collectively offer support that truly reaches those in need.