Azure Control Framework (ACF)

The Automation Control Framework (ACF) is an advanced tool designed to handle complex, data-driven automation tasks in the cloud. Essentially, ACF enables efficient development, deployment, and management of automation solutions, especially in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Entra ID, and Microsoft M365.


ACF was created to meet contemporary automation requirements, especially when it comes to seamless migration of users, computers, and other resources between different Microsoft 365 tenants. Additionally, it provides support for the adoption and configuration of new services or software that require complex planning and dependency management. Whether it's about complex configuration changes or data- and event-driven automation like lifecycle and security management, ACF is designed to address these challenges in Microsoft environments.

Azure Data Factory (ADF)

This component serves as the central hub for data-driven logic and overall control. It allows organization and processing of data in the cloud.

Azure Functions

Implemented as Microservices Web, Azure Functions realize business and automation logic. Each function corresponds to a specific requirement.

Azure SQL

The main data store for all data. Here, data-driven business logic is implemented through views or stored procedures.

Azure CosmosDB

The configuration of ACF is done in a CosmosDB instance.

Features & Use Cases

Discover the diverse features and use cases of ACF. The powerful features provide an optimal solution for various scenarios, while the flexible use cases cover a wide range of applications. Learn how ACF can improve your work environment and increase efficiency. Harness the versatility of our features and be inspired by numerous application possibilities. We are here to meet your individual requirements and provide a tailored solution.

Increase Efficiency

Data-Driven Cloud Automation

ACF provides a comprehensive solution for the challenges of modern, data-driven automation in the cloud.


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